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Broken Crown Trilogy #3

Broken Crown Hardcover

Broken Crown Hardcover

Romantic Suspense, Dark Themes

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It's not just his legacy at risk now... It's their lives...

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Heat Level

🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ - At least two intimate scenes, explicit language with a variety of sexual acts.


Cinnamon Roll Hero, forbidden, bodyguard, royal, forced proximity, brother's best friend, arranged marriage, second chance, military romance, love triangle, one night stand

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It's not just his legacy at risk now... It's their lives...

After a decade of allowing his guilt to burden him, Creed Lawson is finally ready to move on from his past and only focus on his future. A future with Esme.

Until a ghost from his past shows up and makes him question everything he’s believed to be true.

Makes him question everyone he’s believed to be true.

When a shocking revelation comes to light, he’ll not just have to risk his legacy in order to be with Esme.
He’ll have to risk his life.

Broken Crown is the third and final book in the Broken Crown Trilogy, a gripping forbidden royal bodyguard romance. Read the epic conclusion today.