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Broken Crown Trilogy #1

Royal Creed Hardcover

Royal Creed Hardcover

Romantic Suspense, Dark Themes

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She asked me to be her first. I want to be her last. But she's royalty. And I'm just the hired help.

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Heat Level

🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ - At least two intimate scenes, explicit language with a variety of sexual acts.


Cinnamon Roll Hero, forbidden, bodyguard, royal, forced proximity, brother's best friend, arranged marriage, second chance, military romance, love triangle, one night stand, one night stand

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Our love is strictly forbidden. But every person has their breaking point. And we’re about to reach ours.

The last time I saw Creed Lawson was the morning he left for basic training. After eight years apart, I thought I’d gotten over my innocent crush on my brother's best friend.

But when he walks back into my life, there’s nothing innocent about the way he looks at me. Or the thoughts that enter my mind.

I try to ignore the obvious chemistry between us.

​After all, I’m second in line to the throne.

​And he’s a career military man who’s about to be sworn into the royal guard. Even if I weren’t being forced to marry a man I don’t love, Creed would never act on his attraction.

​Or so I thought…

​Until we reach our breaking point and finally succumb to our desires.

​There may be no future between us, but that doesn’t stop us from being together, despite the risk.

And with each day, that risk becomes more dangerous, especially when I learn there’s more at stake with my arranged marriage than I’d been led to believe.

​My grandmother always told me there’s no place for love in a monarchy.
Maybe she was right…

​This trilogy features:

* A jealous, protective military MC who only has eyes for her.
* An inexperienced FMC.
* A secret forbidden relationship
* Lots of sneaking around and nearly getting caught
* That scene in the shower
* An element of danger that will leave you guessing