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A Beautiful Mess Series Standalone Novel



Thriller & Suspense, Dark Themes

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Heat Level

🌶️ - No sex on or off the page.


Stalker, Protector Hero, Dark Romance, Bodyguard, Military, Navy SEAL, billionaire, kidnapping, abduction, honor killing, terrorism

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How far would you go to protect the ones you love?
Lie for them?
Die for them?
Kill for them?

Rayne Kilpatrick has everything. A job she's dreamed of all her life. The perfect house. And a man she loves and is about to marry...

Until he never returns from a humanitarian mission.

Gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

When footage of his gruesome murder by an extremist group is broadcast around the globe, she wants the person responsible to pay. And she won't stop until he does.

Alexander Burnham has everything... Finally. A job he enjoys where he can actually make a difference in the world. The perfect woman who he's loved his entire life. And the most beautiful daughter a father could ask for...

Until he walks into her bedroom one morning to find it empty.

Gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

It's a race against the clock for Alexander to put the pieces together and find out who has taken his daughter.

As information comes to light, will he be able to bury the guilt of losing his fellow team member and focus instead on finding and saving his daughter?

Find out today in this riveting, suspenseful story about one man's struggle to come to terms with his past while trying to protect his future.